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H. Electronic ballast units for UV applications

Our ultraviolet lamps are made of the highest quality materials available on the world. All components and finished lamps have to pass rigorous in-house inspection and testing procedures before they can be used in the manufacture of a high quality ultraviolet lamp and shipped to our customers. The following is our capability:
 - 50 to 550W/cm
 - 50 watts to 30 kilowatts
 - 5cm to 3.0m arc length
 - 10mm to 46mm diameter
 - 150 different socket types (ceramic & metal)
 - Round Seal
 - Pinch Seal

Below is the classification of UV-radiation.:

Near Infrared IR-A 780-1400nm
Visible light   380-780nm
Long Wave UV-A 315-380nm
Medium Wave UV-B 280-315nm
Short Wave UV-C 100-280nm(sterilization)

We have the widest range of UV curing lamps:

Medium and high pressure mercury lamp.
The spectral output ranges from 200 – 450nm, with the peak wavelength at 365nm.

Strong spectral lines are also introduced at 254nm, 313nm, 405nm and 436nm. This type of lamps is used for diverse UV curing applications. 
Metal halide lamp (Iron iodide)
This lamp type is characterized with continuous spectrum ranging from 250 – 450nm. The spectral output in the 380nm region is especially enhanced. This type of lamps can be used with good effect on photopolymer and daylight film exposure system.

Metal halide lamp (Gallium iodide)
The spectral output in 400nm region is especially enhanced. With the peak wavelength at 417nm, this type of lamps is particularly useful with Diazo type processes.

Different materials demand different UV spectral energy distribution. Therefore it is important to choose the right ultraviolet lamp for your application. Generally speaking, the materials listed below need the following radiation spectrum:
Inks   UV-C
Lacquers UV-C UV-A
Adhesives UV-A UV-C
Casting Materials UV-A UV-C
Polyester resins, foils   UV-A
Polyester, glass fiber stabilized Light  (blue) UV-A
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