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B. Metal Halide Lamps
C. Super High Pressure Mercury Capillary Lamps
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F. Lamps for PCB Industry
    A+ 7000 Exposure Lamps
G. Lamps for Printing & other applications
Special: PowerUnits
H. Electronic ballast units for UV applications
   Lamps for PCB Industry  

We are the sole agent of Alpha-Cure’s PCB lamps in China. Based in England, Alpha-Cure is the leading manufacturer of UV lamps and exposure lamps in the world. Alpha-Cure carries the widest range of long-arc UV lamps and exposure lamps for PCB lithography. With the strongest support of Alpha-Cure, we can provide our customers with the right lamp for every system, such as ORC, Hi-Tech, Ono-Sokki, Automa-Tech, C SUN, Group Up, SY, WCX and many others. More specifically, we are able to offer Alpha-Cure long-arc lamps for all PCB equipment available on the market from 400 watts upwards.

Most of Alpha-Cure PCB lamps are constructed from a quartz envelope containing mercury and argon, or with metal halide additives that create specific wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation. The addition of metal halides creates a shift in the spectral output, producing longer wavelengths enabling a greater depth of cure.

At Alpha-Cure, each lamp is individually hand made, inspected and tested before being shipped. In addition, each lamp contains a unique serial number offering complete traceability. Alpha-Cure’s warranty covers any failure in the lamp ignition or normal running, if run in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s guidelines.

Alpha-Cure’s PCB lamps are well known in the market for the high quality and reliable performance. Among them, A+7000 is famed in the industry for its unmatched operating reliability and performance.

In addition to Alpha-Cure long-arc PCB lamps, we also carry the full range of super high pressure mercury capillary lamps and short arc lamps. All are manufactured in Japan and up to the highest quality standard.
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