Main Products: UV Lamps & Electronic Ballast
A. UV Curing Lamps
B. Metal Halide Lamps
C. Super High Pressure Mercury Capillary Lamps
D. Short Arc Lamps
E. Ultra-high Stable Mercury Xenon Lamps & Ultra-high Stable Xenon Lamps
Special: Alpha-Cure Ltd
F. Lamps for PCB Industry
    A+ 7000 Exposure Lamps
G. Lamps for Printing & other applications
Special: PowerUnits
H. Electronic ballast units for UV applications
   Lamps for Printing & other applications  

We distribute Alpha-Cure UV lamps for Printing industry and many other applications, such as coating & finishing, bonding & assembly, disinfection and sterilization.

With Alpha-Cure, we can provide you with the right lamps for every UV system in different industries. All these lamps are completely compatible and reliable and have been well known in the world.

In addition, Alpha-Cure can manufacture bespoke lamps to meet your exact requirements – in power ranges from 80 watts per cm up to 550 watts per cm and up to 4 metres arc length. Together with a selection of ceramic and metal caps, lead termination can be altered to suit your equipment. At Alpha-Cure, each lamp is individually hand made, inspected and tested before being shipped and contains a unique serial number offering complete traceability.

With Alpha-Cure, our warranty covers any failure in the lamp ignition or normal running, if run in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's guidelines. In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem with a lamp, our experienced Technical Department will thoroughly investigate to establish the reason for failure, and furthermore, will work with you and your staff should it transpire that there is system problem.

No other manufacturer will offer this level of flexibility or commitment. Whether you are developing a lamp for a new application or an equipment manufacturer we can produce a lamp for your specific requirements.

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