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   Electronic ballast units for UV applications  

We are proud and pleased to present you Power Units highly efficient electronic ballast units for UV curing lamps – every dose type and every length. Being the leading manufacturer in electronic power supply, PowerUnits has developed and produced first-class electronic ballast units for UV applications.

Below are the most important and competitive advantages of PowerUnits electronic ballast units.

- Quick and reliable ignition of each lamp type and length
- Reliable operation of every lamp without acoustic resonance even with 300m lamp cable
- Enhanced lamp performance and prolonged lamp life
- Low-frequency AC-square-wave operation, integrated and intelligent technology giving 20% additional UV output
- Save energy due to additional UV output
- Constant output independent of mains voltage fluctuation (360-530V)
- Infinitely variable output power for fine control, efficient running and effective cyclic operation
- Automatic control of UV output level in proportion to press speed
- High power factor, high efficiency and low standby power for economic running with up to 30%-80% less energy
- Simple comprehensive control via intuitive Colour Touch Screen for minimal operator training and ease of use
- Reduction in shipping sizes and weight, easier handling and installation
- More adaptable in configuration and parameterization


Product overview

Power range

Lamp voltage
Up to 450V
up to 2000V
up to 3000V

Device designation

We are comprised of industry professionals who pair product knowledge with customer service. Our highly trained technical & commercial staff is able to give quick and decisive answers to all your questions. All these make us an ideal partner for your curing applications.

With the strongest support of our principals, we can work closely with the OEM customers giving invaluable advice in the design and development of UV systems. We can provide both the lamps and matching electronic power suppliers – these can be tailor made to meet the customers’ exact requirements.

Our UV solutions have been widely recognized in the industries such as Silk Screen Printing, Letterpress Printing, Label Printing, Water Sterilization, Flexo Printing, Offset Printing, Compact Disc Printing, Metal Decorating, Glass Printing, Wood Coatings, PCB Printing, Dry Offset Printing, Plastic Cup Printing, Diazo Film & Plate Exposure, and LCD/PDF Semi-Conductor.

Our customers include Foxconn and Valeo with UV equipment located not only in China, but also around the world such as USA, Mexico, Belgium, Romania, India, Thailand and Argentina.

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