ANNIWAN is the specialist in the world of UV technology. We distribute a wide range of ultraviolet lamps that are manufactured in Japan, Great Britain, Germany and the USA. Our high quality ultraviolet lamps can be used for the following UV curing applications:

 - Silk Screen Printing  - Letterpress Printing
 - Label Printing  - Water Sterilization
 - Flexo Printing  - Air Sterilization
 - Offset Printing  - Compact Disc Printing
 - Metal Decorating  - Glass Printing
 - Wood Coatings  - PCB Printing
 - Dry Offset Printing  - Plastic Cup Printing
 - Diazo Film & Plate Exposure  - LCD/PDF Semi-Conductor

We have a lamp for every system:
Abbess. Adnos. Advancing Aetec. Agfa. Aktilux. Amba. American Ultraviolet. Amjo. Aquatron. Aradiant. Argon. Argus. Barberan. Beltron. Bekey. Brewer. Burgess. BLV. Cefla. Chambon. Colight. Colodry. Comco. Dainippon. Distrilampe. DPL. Dubuit Dupont. Elsemann. Eltosch. EYE. FDS. Gallus. GEW. Giardina. GS. Happa. Hackermack. Hanovia. Honle. Idealquartz. IST. IVT. Iwasaki. Japanese Storage Battery. Klemm. Kuhnast. Kammann. Klemm. Kopack. Lignacon. Mark Andy. Muller. Netgraph. Nilpeter. Nolle. Nuarc. Offset. Olec. Osmo. ORC. C SUN. Parker. Philips. Polytype. Primarc. Printconcept. SPS. SPE. Sanki. Schneider. Screen. Serifasp. Spectral. Starna. Svecia. Steinmann. Superfici. Sutter. Technidry. Technigraf. Texel. Theimer. Theim. Van Keulen. Siasprint. Uviterno. UV Products. UV Technology. UV Systems. Ushio. Van Dam. Wallace Knight. and many more.

Our ultraviolet lamps are highly ranked with unmatched reliability. They are distinctively designed for system compatibility, extended life and optimal UV output. We aim to help our customers focus on their primary business by providing them with the best UV solution. So contact us now to experience our leading radiation technologies.

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