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  UV Curing Lamps

Mercury UV Curing lamps are constructed from high quality transparent fused quartz, enabling high levels of ultra-violet radiation to be transmitted. They vary in arc length from 1 inch to 180 inches. The typical power levels of this lamp type range from 200 to 1000 watts per inch. Those operate at 400 WPI or above are generally considered Super UV lamps. Most common UV curing lamps contain mercury and argon with the peak wavelength at 365nm. The operating life of a UV curing lamp is measured in hours of ultra-violet output that drops off gradually throughout the life of the lamp. Generally, standard UV curing lamps emit enough UV to cure for 1000 hours. Improved production techniques and higher grade materials have enabled our UV lamps to operate with a life in excess of 1500 hours, when operated in suitable machines under optimum conditions. Standard UV curing lamps have a wide range of industrial applications, such as the curing and drying of inks, varnishes, plastics and adhesives.

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