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  Metal Halide Lamps
Metal Halide Lamps are required for some new coatings and special applications that call for other wavelengths such as 380nm and 417nm. These and other radiation bands can be created by the addition of metal halides.

Metal halide lamps whose spectral outputs match the absorption spectra of the photo-initiators, are widely used in pre-press equipment, for exposure applications such as film, plates, screens, PCB, and for various printing and surface coating industries.

The majority of metal halide lamps are constructed from a quartz envelope containing mercury and argon with the addition of iron iodide, gallium iodide or other rare earth metal iodides. Iron iodide enhances the spectral output of the lamp in 380nm region. This can be used with good effect on photopolymer and daylight film exposure systems. Gallium iodide has the effect of introducing spectral lines at 403nm and 417nm of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is particularly useful with the exposure of diazo materials.

Our metal halide lamps are famed for their long life, short exposure times, quick ignition, optimal performance level and unmatched operating reliability.

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